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A computer with voice synthesizer, software to display large type on a monitor, and other equipment to assist users with visual impairments is located in Firestone B-5-H-2. Ask at the service desk in the Trustee Reading Room if you would like an overview of the devices or wish to borrow the key to that room. If you need assistance retrieving material in Firestone, speak to a supervisor at the circulation desk.
The Library's administrative offices are in 1-15-G Firestone, located through the doorway at the end of the Main Exhibition Gallery. You can also call 609-258-3171 during regular office hours.
Alumni privileges
Princeton alumni may obtain an access card at no charge, and a borrower's card at one-half the usual fee. Bearers of access cards and borrower?s cards are not eligible for some library services, including borrowing materials via interlibrary loan or the Borrow Direct service and using electronic resources to which access is limited, by licensing agreement, to members of the Princeton University community. See for more information.
Because Princeton's libraries cannot house all our books and other materials, many less-used items are shelved in one of three storage sites: the Forrestal Annex (AnnexA), the Fine Hall Annex (AnnexB), or the jointly-owned ReCAP facility. Items from these locations will be delivered to campus libraries on demand, generally the following weekday. The Main Catalog indicates when an item is located in an Annex or in ReCAP. To place a request, click the appropriate link at the top of any Main Catalog screen.
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